Situation at June 2002

Country Luxembourg
Name of the project or programme Programme Mammographie
Set-up policies in general:
Start of screening activities: 1992
Organisation of screening activities
Screening activities decentralised.
Number of screening programmes: One (= national programme)
Target population: 44.000
Coverage: at regional level (%) 98 %
Participation: at regional level (%) 60 %
Set-up policies in detail
Screening interval: (yrs) 2 years
Mammographic views: Initial screening Two views
Subsequent screening Two views
Double reading % of all mammograms 100 %
Future plans
Expansion of the screening activities No
Accreditation / certification activities? No
Link to home page screening activities www:
Name of the authors:
For more information on screening activities in
Sweden and the county of Stockholm you can
Mrs. Dr. Astrid Scharpantgen
(programme co-ordinator)
Programme Mammographie
Ministry of Health
Villa Louvigny
L - 2120 Luxembourg
Tel.: ++352-478 5563; 5565
Fax: ++352-46 75 26