Situation at June 2002

Country Valencia Community (Spain)
Name of the project or programme Valencia Breast Cancer Screening Program (VBCSP)
Set-up policies in general:
Start of screening activities: 1992
Organisation of screening activities
Screening activities decentralised.
Evaluation centralised.
Number of screening programmes: 1
Target population: 505.000
Coverage: at regional level (%) 100 %
Participation: at regional level (%) 75.5 %
Set-up policies in detail
Screening interval: (yrs) 2 years
Mammographic views: Initial screening Two views
Subsequent screening One view
Double reading % of all mammograms 100 %
Data from the first year of screening and those from 2000
Initial screening Subsequent screening
Percentage of invasive cancers detected under 10mm 21,27 % 24,80 %
Percentage of invasive cancers detected without
lymph nodes involvement
70,03 % 70,32 %
Detection rate of in-situ cancers 16,05 % 13,87 %
Detection rate of invasive cancers total cancer 83,95 % 86,13 %
Future plans
Expansion of the screening activities Target population until 70 years
Accreditation / certification activities?  
Link to home page screening activities www: In elaboration
Name of the authors:
For more information on screening activities in the
project/country VBCSP you can contact:
Dolores Salas Trejo
Unidad de Prevención del Cáncer
Dirección General para la Salud Pública
C/ Micer Mascó, 31
Phone: (+34) 96 386 66 0146010 VALENCIA, Spain