Welcome to the EBCNetwork!

The primary aim of the European breast cancer network is to improve the quality and effectiveness of breast cancer screening and breast cancer services in Europe. The bases for the activities are laid down in the document: "European Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Mammography Screening", 3rd edition. The network should have a significant impact on European added value by particularly addressing issues that member states cannot effectively deal with on their own.

The activities will focus on:

  1. Promoting the establishmentaccreditation and maintenance added value of high quality breast screening services within EU in order to maximize benefit resulting from early detection cancer protect consumers ill effects inappropriate inaccurate diagnostic investigation low services.
  2. Extending the high quality achieved in screening services to symptomatic breast diagnosis and treatment by promoting accreditation of facilities.
  3. Providing an evidence basis for policy decisions on breast services.
The Network can achieve these aims by:
  1. Providing a multidisciplinary forum for sharing of experience and information on quality assurance in provision breast care services within Europe;
  2. Promoting interdisciplinary cooperation in developing, updating and implementing quality assurance tools and programmes and guidelines on best practice;
  3. Evaluating services and programmes and ensuring cost effectiveness;
  4. Providing comprehensive support to new initiatives in European countries;
  5. Enlisting and facilitating the financial support of the European Commission and other sources for fulfilment of the network aims
  6. Contributing to future policy developments in Breast Care Services within Europe
  7. Contributing to future policy developments in cancer prevention in Europe